Announcing my poetry collection, ‘Dancing with Darkness’

After hours upon hours of rigorous writing coupled with the launch of my Instagram account in July 2020, I am ready to share my first complete collection of poetry. Those who may know me will know that I don’t typically write about heartbreak, loss or society or the world. I tend to write about theContinue reading “Announcing my poetry collection, ‘Dancing with Darkness’”

Write with Word Prompts

When you’re around the poetry, short-story and creative writing scene you surely may have stumbled across the term ‘word prompts’ before. Word prompts are generally single words or phrases issued out to creators with the intention of directing them to write about a particular topic. The word prompt may be something as simple as “ocean”Continue reading “Write with Word Prompts”

Introducing my horror novel in the works ‘The Wraith in the Woods’

The horror genre is immensely close to my heart, as deeply disturbing and weirdly wonderful as that may sound to you. I have been a fan of the genre probably from an inappropriately young age already, but at the same time I have very selective taste and I’m careful about the material I engage with,Continue reading “Introducing my horror novel in the works ‘The Wraith in the Woods’”