Watch ‘The Wanderer’, my three-part narrated story on IGTV

I’ve always had a fascination with storytelling and the many ways in which you can do it. Particularly with the marriage of audio books, in bringing together voice acting and music to create a compelling story that offers a different experience to a traditional written piece. The dilemma is that I’ve been practicing voices andContinue reading “Watch ‘The Wanderer’, my three-part narrated story on IGTV”


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Author Bio

Azhar Amien is a South African writer who has been honing his craft since age ten.

An all-round oddity who writes strange and perhaps sometimes relatable things, Azhar is all about fiction novels, short stories and poetry, most of which you can find snippets of on Instagram, which is his social home of choice.

Azhar creates with one motto in mind: writing is madness finding its escape hatch.


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