Announcing my poetry collection, ‘Dancing with Darkness’

After hours upon hours of rigorous writing coupled with the launch of my Instagram account in July 2020, I am ready to share my first complete collection of poetry.

Those who may know me will know that I don’t typically write about heartbreak, loss or society or the world. I tend to write about the darkness of humanity, and the places we find the light, whether it’s relief, a moment of reflection or a path.

Introducing Dancing with Darkness, this is a contemplative poetry collection that tries to encompass that vision. In this collection I try to bring a touch of elegance to uncomfortable themes and human struggle, and present them in a way that can be beautiful and graceful without diminishing the gravity of these issues.

What is also exciting about the book is the opportunity to dabble plenty in haunting and horror poetry, with words that linger and run circles around the mind, in order to explore the idea of finding beauty in dark places. You may have seen some examples of this on my Instagram feed.

Essentially Dancing with Darkness is a grand compilation of every dark thought I ever harboured, written in a way that makes it eloquent and relatable to others.

The one danger with a collection that deals with such themes is the risk of it becoming overbearing, morbid or absent of relief. I worked extremely hard to make the poetry sing, to be eloquent rather than harsh, and to be musical rather than coarse. The idea here is that you could be reading an extremely dark poem, but it enamours you rather than distances you.

I have shared a few poems from the book on my Instagram account, but at this point I won’t confirm which poems are actually from the collection. What I will say is that I am currently finding a suitable home for publication and I will absolutely have more to share in the future.

Poetry lovers, be sure to look out for Dancing with Darkness!

Thank you to my partner Naazneen Laher for the beautiful cover artwork for this collection. Be sure to check out her website for more of her art.

Published by Azhar Amien

Azhar Amien is a South African writer who has been honing his craft since age ten. Formerly a blogger and editor of a gaming and technology website, he has also self-published a novel that he wrote as a student. This year Azhar feels ready to pursue professional outlets for his writing. Whilst working on a new novel Azhar delved into poetry, finding a creative spark that spawned a whole collection. Azhar creates with one motto in mind: writing is madness finding its escape hatch. You can read more of his poetry and writings on Instagram @storiesbyazhar and interact with him on Twitter @azhar_amien

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